(2020 update: A lot of this is outdated and probably won't be made current anytime soon) Welcome to my humble site. This section is the how and why behind Tau Ceti, and other tidbits

Everything on the Tau Ceti domain is hosted onsite in my home. I've purchased/acquired, set up, configured, and maintain each and every piece myself. That's a lot to deal with, and I'm admittedly not (by profession) a system administrator, support special ist, network engineer, and security engineer (although I am a security analyst by profession) all rolled into one. As a result, Tau Ceti is by no means perfect and is constantly a work in progress. The systems page outlines the equipment I use. See that for high level technical details.

Named for a reference in one of my favorite games (Bungie's Marathon), Tau Ceti is all about having fun with computers. I find all aspects of administering a domain with public facing services fascinating. Some of it is to keep me current with modern technology and everything that goes along with the setup, maintenance, and administration of those systems. The other and much larger reason for me is nostalgia. Computing shaped and defined major moments in my life. That story is covered in more depth in the PDF here.

I have a focus on vintage Apple equipment and operating systems. The primary server that is hosting this web page and indeed all my public facing services is a PowerMacintosh G4 350Mhz running Mac OS X Server 10.3.9. I specifically chose this hardware and operating system for reasons beyond total madness...they represent my favorite time period of Apple, and I have seemingly endless fond memories of those days. At the time (~1999-2003) I wasn't in a position to administer these machines, but my father did . I remember the magic feeling of seeing these machines communicate to each other, serving media, files, and providing entertainment. I wanted to capture that period of time with the G4 server (hostname Holloman, and will be mentioned as such here on). I believe I've accomplished that, and it brings me joy daily to interact with it.

System Profiler output on "Holloman"

UPDATE (December 2018): I've built a monster...an unholy union of 4U rack mount case and a G4 to replace the 350MHz model mentioned above. I was running into issues with power draw and space requirements for my external services. I did what any mad scientist Mac enthusiast would do and built a FrankenMac server. It's a dual 500MHz Sawtooth. It's the bottom machine in the picture below. You can read about it here.

UPDATE (October 2019): The G4 died, or at least part of it did. I didn't have the time to troubleshoot, so all duties the G4 described above performed have been taken over by a PowerMac G3 350MHz "Yosemite".

Server rack as of April 2019

I'll fill this in as I run across memories of the past.

I like making random logos for stuff. The image above was for my first actual server I called "Abrams". Fun fact, I've had Abrams through Abrams 3 (a PowerMac G4, Mac Mini, then a Mac Pro).

"Abrams" (2006)

"Abrams" (2006)

Two G3 towers I don't remember what I used for (2006)

Logo for my Intranet page (Oct 2019)

The best gaming memories I have are playing on my friends QuakeWorld server back around 2005-2007 (Charles Mercadal, check him out here. After the server went down for unknown reasons (never asked him) and never came back up I decided to run it on my own. I now host two QuakeWorld servers. Death match and cooperative play. Info is here.

Random image I made back in 2007