Goodbye, South Waterfront

Back in March of 2014 I had just moved to Portland, OR with the kids and now ex-wife (boy, do I hate saying that, but it is what it is). If you are unfamiliar with Portland, we have simliar vacancy rates as NYC. As a result, we had to rent a place without seeing it first. There was an almost brand new complex (1 year at the time) called "The Emery" in the South Waterfront district. I'll spare you with a review of the place, but it's not bad at all, save maybe for the cost-size ratio. The first two years in Portland we stayed there. We then moved into a house in inner South East, got divorced, and I moved back to The Emery since it was familiar. Now a year later I am moving into a house with my girlfriend.

"You ain’t thinking of getting rid of the dank, are you, Moe?" – Carl

No, no I am not. We will still be in Portland, but in the Foster Powell neighborhood, and back in a house finally.